Margaret DiCanio
Writer and Editor
Science, Social Issues,
and Mystery Stories

Selected Works

History and Biography
Memory Fragments of the Armenian Genocide: A Mosaic of a Shared Heritage
                             Profiles of Americans and Canadians of Armenian descent and their common link to survivors of the Armenian Genocide.
History and Social Movements
Encyclopedia of American Activism: 1960 to the Present
                             Examines the movements, actions, people, and events of the last four decades of the twentieth century that brought turmoil and enormous social change. While many activists thought they had failed in their missions, the impact of their work continues to be felt.
Sociology, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Corrections
Encyclopedia of Violence: Origins, Attitudes, Consequences
                             Includes entries on the broad spectrum of issues. Explores violence in its various guises from the personal to the impersonal. Includes such topics as gangs, organized crime, domestic violence, child abuse, militias, and violence in prisons. The pros and cons of such issues as the death penalty and gun control are discussed.
Sociology, Family Life, Legal Issues
Encyclopedia of Marriage, Divorce, and the Family
                             Comprehensive collection of discussions, definitions, and explanations of issues related to marriage, divorce, and family.

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